Welcome to artfact.se!

This site will grow into the definite digital shrine devoted to the synth combo Art Fact.

To start off, we’ve uploaded the band’s three “albums” (only released on cassette) so that you can listen to them. Check out the navigation at the top of the page.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to artfact.se!”

  1. Hi there! Im a REAL Brazilian BIG FAN of your works since 90’s!! I have some music project also like Kosmotron and The White Fraternity of Shan – you find it on myspace.com and i think you will enjoy some, specially last one.

    Songs like ‘Building’ marks some years and feelings in my life… i really love it and i just wish to make an amazing cover one day and also an split album with Art Fact! What do you all think about? Well, finally, i ask to you if i can have the Lyrics of all your songs (specially Building, DFK and Rain in the South – my favourites), please? :) Thank you so much!! Will we see someday new Art Fact’s works? :) Thanks again! Best regards!

    1. Thanks Mauricio – glad you found us!

      I will attempt to post most of the Art Fact lyrics on this page over the coming months. I started with “Building” today.

      1. Nice! Next i suggested/want “Rain in the South” : ) There’s something about new works of Art Fact to come? : ) Have a nice weekend.

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